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25 2008. : zladmin

-:-) Punk rocker. a

+-:-) The Pope. Pc aa

`:-) Shaved off one eyebrow. Cpa oa po.

,:-) Shaved off the other eyebrow. Cpa pya po.

O :-) Angel. Ae

C=:-) Chef. oap

*<:-) Wearing a Santa Claus hat. B ae ea Mopoa.

E-:-) Ham radio operator. Paoe.

8 :-) Wizard. Boe.

@:-) Wearing a turban. B pae.

[:-) Listening to a walkman. ?

:-)) Double chin. oo oopoo.

Devil. eo, o.

(:-) Big smile. oa ya.

+:-) Priest. Ce.

:-)X Wearing a bow tie. B acye-aoe.


(-: Left handed. ea.

[:] Robot. Poo.

:-{} Wearing lipstick. Haaac yo oao.

:'-( Crying. aa

<|-) Chinese. Kae

<|-( Chinese, but doesn't like Mpa ae

these kind of jokes.

-:-( Real punk rockers don't smile. Mpa a.

@= Pro-nuclear war. epa oa.

(8-o Mr. Bill. (From original

Saturday Night Live)

*:o) Bozo the Clown. Koy ?

3:] Pet smile. yc

3:[ Mean pet smile. Oe oea oo.

d8= Beaver with goggles and hard op ax oax oo e.


(:I Egghead. eoo.

<:-I Dunce. Tya.

K:P Kid with propeller beanie. Peo c poeepo.

:-: Mutant. Mya.

Invisible. Hea.

X-( Dead. oep.

[] Hugs. O (?)

~~:-( Getting flamed. op

O |-) Religious. Peo

8 :-I Unix wizard. ? oe

Trekkie. yeece.

3:o[ Pet clown. Oe oy.

8 Infinity. ecoeoc.

Miniatures: Map:

:) Standard. caapa

:] Gleep. ?

:@ Yelling. Bo

:D Laughing. Cec

:I Thinking. ya

:( Sad. pyc, oop

:[ Really bummed. Coce oxo.

:O Talking loudly. poo oop.

:Q Smoking. Kypy.

:* Kissing. o, oey.

|I Sleeping. C.

|O Yawning. ea.

:P Sticking out tongue. ?

=) Have a nice day. Xopo e, pa.

Unknowns: :} :> Heeco...

Many characteristics of different Moo pax yo coeax

smileys to create Mega-smileys: opay Cyep-y:

C=}>;*{)) A drunk, devilish chef with yca po oap ape,

a toupee in an updraft, a ? c o oopoo.

mustache, and a double chin

}:^#}) Updrafted bushy-mustached . Ca epeee!

pointy nosed smiley with

a double-chin.

Cco Sergej Qkowlew ay po.

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452-4103 01:00-07:00 12:00-20:00 data

the same 21:00-01:00 voice